Monday, 15 July 2013

Guest Post campaign

As we told earlier IndiBlosp has been created for the Bloggers who would love to be socialized in the Blogosphere. To achieve that, IndiBlosp will do anything and everything.

This is another move from our side, hope you heard about Guest Post writing.
If not then here it is,

What is Guest Post writing?
       Guest Post writing is the best way to get your post published in another website or blog.

Guest Post campaign

This is the announcement of the Guest Post campaign from IndiBlosp. Here any one can write guest posts in their own style and format. This is going to be in weekly basis, that is one guest post per week. The preference will be given under first come first serve basis.

Criteria to write a Guest Post in IndiBlosp:

  • You should be a writer. It is not must to have a Blog.
  • You should be a Member of IndiBlosp.
  • Your Article should be in English only (with or without Images).

Guidelines to participate in IndiBlosp's Guest Post Campaign:

  • Become a member of IndiBlosp.
  • Give the details as mentioned below
    1. Your name.
    2. Your Blog's name and url (if you have one).
    3. Your Email ID.
    4. Theme of your article and few words about it.
                                        Blosms(Blog's Name)
                               or's URL)
                                        (Here goes the theme and idea of the article)
  • These details should be given through the comment box of this post.
  • IndiBlosp has the rights to reject your proposal at any time, if it seems malign for anyone or anything.
  • After that IndiBlosp will officially contact you through your Email ID to tell about further proceedings.

Note again preference will be given in the first come first serve basis so hurry...

You could be the lucky person to write the first article in IndiBlosp's Guest Post campaign...

All the Best..!!

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